VT Certified Horticulturist Program

The Vermont Certified Horticulturist Program is a certification program designed to provide professionalism in our industry, to increase the professional’s education, and to inform the public of the value of using a certified horticulturist. Vermont Certified Horticulturists offer expert advice and professional answers on gardening, landscaping and other horticultural activities. Continuing education keeps certified individuals at the forefront of the industry, and they subscribe to a code of ethics, which promotes high ethical standards. Vermont Certified Horticulturists are located in all areas of Vermont. Most are affiliated with garden centers and landscaping firms.

A Vermont Certified Horticulturist may only use this designation as long as their certification is kept current.  A VCH must earn 10 continuing education credits related to horticulture yearly.  The renewal application is sent out in October of each year.  The forms and fee must be submitted by December 31 or the VCH status will expire. These credits can come from educational seminars that are sponsored by the VNLA and other associations, magazine subscriptions, talks, or working on various committees that make up the VNLA. Ten credits may seem like a lot, but they are easily obtained.