NECTAR Landscape Design Studio/UVM: Annie White

Annie White
P.O. Box 3773
Stowe, VT  05672

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NECTAR is a landscape design studio and consulting company based in the Burlington, Vermont area. We strive to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind, outdoor landscapes that are inspired by nature, natural materials, and ecological processes.

NECTAR specializes in:

Ecological landscape design. We integrate the built landscape with the ecology of a site, using locally sourced materials and designing with a focus on native and locally adapted plant material.

Restoration of natural ecosystems. We create/enhance/restore natural processes and plant communities to enhance ecosystem services such as pollinator habitat, wildlife habitat, erosion control, and stormwater treatment.

Pollinator habitat restoration. We are experts in plant/pollinator interactions and strategies for enhancing pollinator habitat in urban, rural, and agricultural landscapes.

Lake-friendly landscaping. We develop landscaping solutions for lakefront properties that protect the ecology of the lake while meeting the recreational and social needs of the client. We use natural materials and bioengineering techniques to prevent shoreline erosion, reduce phosphorous runoff, and maximize both aquatic and terrestrial wildlife habitat.