Elmore Roots Fruit Tree & Berry Nursery: David Fried

David Fried
759 Symonds Mill Road
Wolcott, VT  05680

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About Elmore Roots

We are a small organic nursery with a big heart and over 40 years of experience. The
farm is family owned and operated along with a devoted, friendly crew of plant lovers.
The nursery, located in the rolling hills of Elmore, is a unique landscape made up of
food forests, fruit groves, a high tunnel, state-of-the-art gravel beds and more.
Our mission is “To be a nourishing place for the earth, the customer, our crew, and the
life all around us by growing and offering the hardiest and most productive plants

In our efforts to help customers realize their vision of a home orchard or berry patch,
we’ve sourced, tested and propagated the cultivars that do best in our northern climate.
We propagate many of our plants from our own orchards, as well as partner with trusted
distributors. Our fruit trees are grafted onto the hardiest rootstock known.