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Garden Coaching and Consulting What’s A Garden Coach?

A coach is a cross between a consultant/designer and a landscaper.

A designer will give you ideas and plans, but won’t do the work.

A landscaper will come in and do the work, but won’t teach you how.

A coach is the best of both worlds. I’ll come in and offer design and plant selection ideas and maintenance tips. Then I’ll come back and actually work with you to perform some of the tasks.

A garden coach is for those gardeners who want to do their own gardening and landscaping, but need help getting started and knowing how to do specific projects.

A coach teaches! I’ll teach you how to prune a lilac or apple tree, plant a raised bed, divide a perennial, aerate a lawn…. whatever is needed. I’ll work with you
side-by-side on the project giving you the skills to finish it on your own. It’s do-it-yourself with guidance.


Consultation- We’ll evaluate your yard and make lists of ideas and projects.

Coaching- We’ll take the list of projects you already have and work together as I teach you the skills to get the work done.

Consulting and Coaching- After an initial consultation we’ll make a list of projects that I’ll come back and help you get started with. It can be a one-time
coaching session or multiple sessions throughout the growing season.

Community Garden Group or Club- Consider banding together to do group coaching session.