Distinctive Landscaping – Elizabeth Proutt

Charlotte, VT 

Hillside Front Yard Update 

Merit Award 

Our clients purchased a hillside home in Burlington’s southern hillside district and turned to us for a fresh look. They decided to remove the front entry vestibule that leads to a new small upper level terrace; a beautiful spot to enjoy the sunset.  We added a foundation planting of Andromeda, Euomymus & small leaf Rhodedendron.  Gently graded lawns extend from the top of the bank and provide a place for our client’s two young children to play.

The bank was retained by a new stone wall and steepened to provide for the terrace above. A curving  stone stairway leads from the driveway to the upper terrace and front entry. The slope is planted with Juniper, Deutzia and dwarf Weigla.  A south sloping pathway of lawn allows access to the upper level for the electric push mower and garden carts.