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Holly Greenleaf
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Greenleaf Design is a small women-owned ecological landscape design, illustration, and graphic design business. We specialize in native plantings, green stormwater infrastructure and stormwater best management practices, lakeshore and riparian restoration, and planting for pollinators, edibles, and other co-benefits. Designs are inspired by local place, natural plant communities, and people with the goal to be functional, beautiful, and regenerative and to benefit the health and wellbeing of soils, water, wildlife, and people!

Greenleaf Design provides consulting, research, and public outreach and education services for water quality-related projects. We specialize in visual rendering of proposed future landscape designs to aid in communication and inspire people to embrace a naturalistic approach. We believe all people should have access to beautiful natural spaces, that landscape design is a collaboration with natural world to help create the conditions for all to thrive, and that we need to re-naturalize and employ the intelligence of plants to be resilient in an uncertain future.

Holly Greenleaf, principal designer and owner, grew up on a small diversified farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. She has been working in the landscaping and horticultural industry and practicing landscape design for a decade. She received her BA in Environmental Studies and MS in Plant & Soil Science from the University of Vermont, studying Ecological Landscape Design, Sustainable Landscape Horticulture, and Studio Art.