VNLA Summer Meeting Keynote Speaker Presentation

The VNLA Summer Meeting & Trade Show was held on August 25, 2022.  Below is a description of Keynote Speaker Judson Griggs presentation.   He has shared the Power Point presentation and you can view it is its entirety HERE.

Judson Griggs, The Harvest Group Landscaping Consulting, Keynote Speaker: 

“Time Management:  Taking Control of your Life.” How many times during your typical week do you find yourself asking, “Where did the day go?” The day is over, and I didn’t accomplish half of what I wanted to today.”  You are being inundated daily with requests for your time and attention. Emails, texts, meetings, employee problems and requests, client, and project issues and so on. They come at you from all directions.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are working a crazy number of hours each week and getting nowhere.
  • Has your business been the same size for too long (as in YEARS)?
  • You are stuck doing everything because no one else knows what to do or how to do it.

Maybe you should be asking:

How do I get more of the right things done in the same amount of time, or better yet, in LESS TIME?

Here are the facts:

FACT I – You will never have enough time to get everything done!

FACT II – Your company and career will not grow to its potential until you are able to figure out this time management thing!

We invite you to join us to learn how to manage your time better so you can begin enjoying life again and prosper. In this fast-paced seminar you will be presented with:

  • Understanding urgent vs. important tasks.
  • How to set and meet goals.
  • Determining where you are spending your time.
  • Deciding where to best spend your time.
  • Identifying the classic time robbers.

In the session you will be presented with tools that you can take with you and use on a daily basis. Things like:

  • Time management matrix
  • “To Do” lists that work.
  • Delegation techniques.
  • Time management exercises.
  • How to identify the “one thing.”
  • Setting up a healthy, daily schedule.


Jud Griggs has had the good fortune of working with some of the best Design/Build companies in the country over his long career in the Green Industry. Starting with Lied’s in Wisconsin, Jud worked with Tom Lied, one of the founding members of ALCA (Now NALP). Then Jud moved to Naples, Florida to manage the operations of Smallwood Landscape; one of the preeminent design/build companies in Florida. From there, Jud joined Lambert’s in Dallas to work with Paul Fields to manage operations and then lead the company’s Sales and Marketing efforts. Each of these companies were in the lawn and landscape Top 100 list when Jud worked there.

Through those experiences, Jud has been able to work in remarkably diverse markets across the country. He understands what it takes to be successful in the Design/Build arena. More importantly, he knows what mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. Jud served as President of ALCA (now NALP) in 1997. That experience taught Jud how to lead a diverse organization of business owners to attain many successes.

With over 40 years of experience in Design/Build, Jud consults with companies across the country to help them improve their operations as well as Sales and Marketing processes. Working with Jim Paluch at JP Horizons for two years exposed Jud to the intricacies of consulting with companies guiding them through the challenges of everyday business and helping them attain their goals. His ability to observe and assess a company and then offer solid solutions and ideas to help a company take the next step in their growth is invaluable. Speaking on topics ranging from customer service, sales, and sales management, Strategic planning, and budgeting, makes Jud a sought-after speaker as well.