Spotted Lanternfly Alert / Webinar

DATED:  MARCH 22, 2022

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture (VAAFM) has been notified that spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula, “SLF”) egg masses have been detected on nursery stock in our neighboring states. The infested nursery stock all originated from SLF infested states, (map of states with detections). Spotted lanternfly is an invasive sap-feeding insect that targets over 70 different species of plants, including many that are common in the nursery and landscaping industry. VAAFM is asking that nurseries take steps to safeguard their businesses. Help keep SLF out of Vermont by training employees to recognize and report sightings of this pest. VAAFM will be hosting a SLF webinar on May 5th, at 11am specifically for the Vermont nursery industry. This webinar will be recorded and you can register HERE.  You can also view a short 8 minute video which provides a basic introduction to SLF with lots of visual examples of what to look for and some management strategies.  You can view the video HERE.

For more information about the spotted lanternfly:

Note: Businesses/truckers/common carriers moving items from a quarantine area (Vermont is not a quarantine area) must complete a Spotted Lanternfly training and obtain a permit before leaving that quarantine area.

Report sightings or detections of egg masses, nymphs, or adults to

a. If nymphs or adults are detected, please capture and dispatch the pest. After eliminating the risk of spread, collect at least one specimen and place in a non-crushable container to photograph for identification purposes.

b. Send photos with a coin or ruler for scale to AGR.PlantHealth@vermont.govThe subject line should contain “SLF” and the registration number for the nursery issued by the Agency.


1. Train all staff on how to identify SLF and recognize all life stages (egg mass, nymphs, and adults) and know when each life stage is active, see attached images of life stages.

2. Designate an inspection area for nursery stock and other materials separate until they can be inspected. Please use attached inspection checklist to guide inspections.

3. Schedule periodic inspections of nursery stock and property for SLF egg masses, including warehouses, vehicles, plant pots, and other goods. Please DOWNLOAD the inspection checklist to guide your inspections.  DOWNLOAD HERE

4. Inform customers and other companies that you have trained your staff to detect SLF and encourage them to do the same.

5. Cooperate with Vermont Agency of Agriculture (VAAFM) and United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) staff if they reach out with questions about SLF.

You can DOWNLOAD a SLF poster that provides images of the different life stages of the pest. It would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated if you print the poster and hang it in a visible area for employees and customers to see.  DOWNLOAD HERE.

The following link contains a spotted lanternfly distribution map that is continuously updated:

Thank you for your time and care.

* Please be reminded that offering nursery stock for sale that is diseased or infested with injurious pests is a violation of Vermont law and Vermont Nursery rules. 6 V.S.A. Chapter 206.