Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Project

October 9, 2021 – Saturday
8am – 4pm
57 Hinesburg Road
South Burlington, VT 05401

On October 9, 2021 the VNLA’s Volunteer Project Outreach Committee (VPOC), VNLA volunteers, and GMHH volunteers will be installing a landscaping project on behalf of Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity (GMHH). Thanks to the hard work of the VPOC, in collaboration with GMHH, the design was completed earlier in the year and donations of plants and materials has been secured.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: This is a four family dwelling located at 57 Hinesburg Road in S. Burlington. The installation will include stripping sod, adding planting beds and amending existing soil, installing plantings and mulching. As the saying goes may hands make light work! This will be our third collaboration with GMHH!

You can view the past two GMHH projects by visiting our website HERE.